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Power & Pole are a fitness community promoting structure, wellbeing and variety. At the heart is The Power Circle. This is an online members subscription fitness club for everyone and anyone interested in getting stronger, gaining confidence in and out of the gym and covers all types of training.

The founder, Sheri Miles approached us for help get her website into a professional state and start signing up users. Her previous developer stopped all contact and left her stranded with a half-finished website and unsure what to do next.

As a membership website there were a mixture of different plugins being used all integrating with one another. BuddyBoss handled the theme, BuddyPress handled the user registration and MemberPress handled the different membership levels. To start with it was all very confusing as some settings took priority over others, which caused several headaches. In the end, we got the membership side of the site completed and up and running.

Custom Work

Sheri wanted to offer her members custom content depending on their membership level. For example, basic users could see a How To video, but premium members could see a step by step text, links to other videos and more information. With the integration of MemberPress we could restrict particular sections of a page with custom fields and PHP. There were three sections Sheri wanted to provide content to members:

  • Guides – aka Exercise Videos. Over 180 videos have since been added by Sheri to the library. Each video provides a step by step walkthrough for a specific exercise, all performed by Sheri. Users can search based on the exercise name or the muscle(s) it exercises. All members can view the video, but only premium users can see information for important cues, step by step and muscles used.
  • Programmes – There are 3 programmes: Get Gym Fit, Get Home Fit, and Strength. Each programme has a different goal and provides weekly PDF guides. Each guides is listed in ascending order, making it simple to download the correct guide.
  • Recipes – Split into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks, users are able to search for and download healthy recipes that will keep them on target and happy.


If you’ve got a website that requires custom work, needs updating or you just need help getting it finished, get in touch to discuss how we can help.


Power & Pole Ltd


Middlesex, London, United Kingdom

Andy has really helped to bring my ideas to life through my website and online community. After a terrible experience with the first web designer I worked with, I found Andy and working with him was the best decision I have made to move my business forward. He fully understood my brief and wasted no time implementing my ideas (which continue to expand) and coming up with many of his own that I love.

He is super responsive, friendly and finds solutions to many issues and ideas I have thrown his way. I am happy to say that we have a great working relationship and he is critical to my online business and my community. His communication is A-star and I am happy I have such a reliable web designer to work with.

Sheri Miles Owner