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At the beginning of December 2020, First Light’s website took a sudden dive in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Having been nearly top on most local searches in and around Honiton for garage doors, garage door suppliers and garage door fitters, Google suddenly changed their algorithm and all results for First Light dropped significantly. In some cases onto page 2!

While First Light had a fair SEO stance on their website, the design, structure and overall site health was poor. Google’s algorithm update was rolled out globally, so First Light would’ve one of many to be hit badly.


First Light came to us for a new website, with the aim to replenish their rankings, update the website design and maintain SEO in the future. Their services originally included general maintenance, but with the new website the decision was made to drop this and solely focus on garage door fitting in the local area.


The key to First Light’s success in the SERPs was content. The more relevant content to local searches the better. We realised that they were less likely to create content through regular blog posts, so we created a Latest Projects section. Each project required a couple of photographs, a small paragraph describing the product used and the location it was in. Then, each project could be categorised and linked to other internal pages for those categories.

First Light wanted to appear in a number of local searches in the East Devon and Somerset areas. This is a difficult task to achieve without flooding your content with locations and unrelated keywords. To get around this we created location specific landing pages. Each page could be edited and customised by First Light with new content. Furthermore, each location page could show projects carried out in that area, encouraging more internal linking. Exactly what the search engines love!


It’s been almost 2 months since the launch of First Light’s new website, and we’re happy to announce that not only have their rankings have increased in various local searches, but their Click Through Rate has increased from an average of 1.6% to 24.2%.


First Light Home Improvements Ltd


Honiton, Devon

Services Provided:

Web Design, SEO, Speed Optimisation

I was recommended to Andy at AR Web Design after being severely let down by my previous web designer. From the start and my first initial chat with Andrew, it was clear he certainly knows his stuff. Andrew has created and manages the brand new site for us here at First Light Home Improvements / Garage Doors Honiton. We are delighted and would not hesitate in recommending Andy to anyone.

Peter Bonetta Director

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