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Headed by Jamie Perryman, a BS approved course designer, JP Equestrian Pro Limited originally specialised in importing top race horses from top breeders and farms in Europe. When they approached us, they had moved to a new equine business, soon becoming the leading provider of the highest quality aluminium show jumps and show jump accessories for equestrian sports.

JP Equestrian required a new website for their new venture. They wanted to sell their new products online for their customers in the UK. At first there were a few products so we set up WooCommerce. As the business grew and more products were added so did the client’s interest in developing the site further.

Since the original build, the website has undergone a makeover, focusing on the increasing number of customers on mobile and tablet devices. Even with the additional products, WooCommerce continues to power the ecommerce side with little problems.

UPDATE – June 2020

With the launch of their sister company Pro Showjumps Ireland, JP Equestrian wanted to make some design changes to their own website to coincide with the new company’s website.

We all agreed the red, white, dark grey and hints of green made the site look dated and boring, and so a new colour scheme was required. The client also wanted the brand to look more up market and professional. What made finding these new colours difficult was the logo. JP Equestrian had and have no intention of changing or modernising the logo anytime soon, so we needed to somehow incorporate the red colour. From past experience the colour has proved difficult to use without being too overpowering and looking dated. Muted tones of red are softer on the eye and can be used more. Yet, JP Equestrian wanted to move away from red as much as possible, as well as dark grey and inject some new life.

After much trial and error, we decided to opt for a sage green and gold scheme. It works nicely with the red and upgrades the brand to the desired up-market look.

Old Website Design

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JP Equestrian Pro Limited


Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

Services Provided:


Uses WooCommerce for the store with extensions to calculate shipping costs based on postcode, and connect to Mailchimp to sync store data.

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