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Pro Showjumps Ireland

A new sister company of JP Equestrian, Pro Showjumps are a Showjump and Showjump accessories supplier for Ireland. The company sells similar equipment to that of JP Equestrian.

The client approached us with an original brief to simply replicate the JP Equestrian website and change the colours and branding. After some discussions on expectations and requirements, we provided the client with two options:

  1. Duplicate the existing JP Equestrian website and change all wording, colours and branding where required to support the new company name.
  2. Duplicate the existing JP Equestrian website, but use a new design to create a similar but newer looking website.

The client decided to go for option 2 and this was the result.


Pro Showjumps Ireland



Andrew is an outstanding web designer with not only a key eye for detail but innovative ideas which can help any business have a fantastic website. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Sarah Rapson Director